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Here are some of my NEW DESIGNS!!

About the Artist

Well, you should probably know who you're dealing with, right! My name is Jimmy Newton and I am an artist born and raised in Texas. I have served almost 20 years in the Marines and I am preparing to start my official career as a full time artist and design consultant. My friends and family have always encouraged me to pursue my artistic abilities. Artistic creation is my natural high in life and I have been doing it as long as I can remember. I am self taught in all of the mediums and methods in which I design and create my projects. I am not formally trained (probably because I couldn't pay attention long enough in school because I was always drawing).

I am married with 4 children , ranging from 20 - 7 yrs old. My family has helped inspire my ideas because of their untarnished but yet sometimes twisted ideas of life and nature in general. My wife is my quality control on my ideas and concepts and provides me with an open and honest opinion on my finished work. My military career and experiences have also greatly influenced my designs and concepts, as you can see in my art gallery.

I am somewhat of a "Gadget Geek" and a "Jack of all trades". I am "that guy" in your neighborhood who if you need something built, designed, want to figure out how something works, or if you just need some help... then just come to the garage, it's always open! I am merely a guy who sees everything as a canvas with limitless possibilities to create, design, or build from. The biggest reward that I get from my art is the effect that it has on the people who see it for the first time. I take a special interest in each piece and look forward to any challenge around the corner. Each piece is personal for me and if your reading this then it is personal for you as well and the person your thinking about, after all that's why you're on my website....or at least I hope so!


Background: Airbrushing, paint pens and markers, spray paint, wood carving, and metal art.

Freelance Artist: My background is primarily with airbrushing methods or paint pens and markers so my surface areas have been pretty much endless.

Concept Designer: I have done background designs for school plays , theme type art work, and designed concepts for interior designs, exterior, and decorations for residential homeowners.

Inventor: I have designed and built five inventions and two inventions were awarded substantial monetary values from the US government. I have always developed and designed new concepts and ideas to improve the performance and/or work efficiency of items, products, or processes.

Builder: As a builder I would classify myself as a "handy man" with and artists touch! Basically I like to turn ordinary items into to extraordinary things, such as furniture, decorative home art pieces, or backyard art.